Satisfashion Milano
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Satisfashion Milano

Fashion and satisfaction.
Pleasure and delight through daily use of design.

Satisfaction, is a fashion event on the move, entirely dedicated to designer fashion and promotion of new designers.



A day of fashion

20 designers
14 young creators
A mix of collections, styles and designs.

A day of business

September 23rd
building the platform to fashion to grow



special guest & patron of the event

Winner of Vogue’s ‘Who’s Next’
Designer for own brand Piccione · Piccione
Winner of Gazzetta Italia ‘Designer of the Year’
Was collaborating with Blumarine for two seasons under the project name
‘We are in love with Salvatore Piccione’


honorary patron of the event

International cooperation of fashion and politics broads platform for building relations promoting art of design worldwide.
Institutional support and patronate close gap between these two worlds.
Thanks to cooperation with The Consulate General of Poland in Milan international fashion gets grater exposure on Italian market.


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Satisfashion Designers


” I’d like to be one who never tried to follow the trends by changing his identity.    The one who design because this is part of his identity “.

Both the A-LAB MILANO brand and its designer Alessandro Biasi can be regarded as a lexicon of modernity: the collections reflect a constant fascination and curiosity towards the contemporary world.. While inspiration always comes from the future, sartorial customs are never forgotten and emphasis is always on construction, cut and fabric.
A-LAB MILANO is positioned in a new Made in Italy modernity, through the digital patterns design, the continually updated graphic language study, the sculpted forms of new or traditional fabrics.


As the French say, every woman knows how to make a hat, salad and scandal out of nothing. Yes, well, and if this unique personality is the embodiment of ugliness, recklessness, sparkling and originality in one person – a man? You will literally be dumbfounded by his ideas! Because before you is the great and mighty Hera Scandal! He can cook any fashionable “dish” with peppercorns! And what! Because his appearance in the project provides a stunning success and a whole train of rumors and secular gossip after. Hera knows how to present any event in such a way that you just have to impressively shake your head, and connoisseurs of the fashion industry will give a gasp of enthusiasm.


Graduated in 2012 Fashion Design at Faculdade Santa Marcelina, in Brazil, winning at the same time three prizes in design contests that have him brought back to his ancestors country, Italy.  Later worked for Piccione.Piccione, rising high fashion Milanese brand, had my accessories project exhibited in Italia Fashion Graduate week in Milan, launched a Milan based “made in Italy” luxury silk scarves start-up. In March 2019 debuted homonymous brand while working as project manager for a traditional Italian luxury goods in Como and later attended Lviv Fashion Week, in Ukraine, as international guest designer.


Collections YF by Yulia Fedetska are feminine designs for bold women. Her creation always consists of bold statement colors and delicate, classy silhouettes.
Fabric, design, cut and print underline natural sexapil of women wearing YF clothing. She creates for women who enjoy expressing their confidence through fashion and aren’t ashamed to show off some skin.


Seyit Ares is a line name by Seyit Tordogan. A passionate fashion designer soon opening his very own label. A professional make-up artist and stylist who’s life is all about presenting people in the best light. That’s what makes him happy: to style and create pieces for people who want to express themselves with fashion.


Luxurious boutique Dono DA Scheggia, created in 2009 by Beata Drzazga and Dagmara Nowak represents the essence of feminity through lines of classic brands such as: Tricot Chic, Sportalm, William Sharp and Casadei. Key factors of collections are comfort and functionality of clothing.
The new collection is a true travel in time, inspired by the look of late XVIII century bourgeois and ’30 suits style. Easy to dress, asymmetric cuts, deep decoltees in black, ecru, white and more. It’s a continuation of history of Italian boutiques mixed with own fresh vision.


Agnes Wuyam is a fashion brand created by the Polish designer living and working in France, Agnieszka Samulska-Wuyam. It offers ready-to-wear collections, evening wear, particularly feminine and sensual lingerie, as well as very modern jewelry lines embellished with Swarovski crystals. Her clothes are for dynamic, confident and confident women who like to show their difference in the urban jungle. Modernity, minimalism, sport chic and French elegance are the hallmarks of the creations of the label Agnes Wuyam.

DIANA PINTO with Marcos Marin

Diana Pinto was launched in 2018 by Diana Landa Pinto. Her passion for design and luxury drove her to create a brand that is luxurious yet affordable for women all over the world. The brand embodies a unique yet bold, classy feminine attitude that is modern luxury.
Diana’s understanding of the female body inspires our form fitting silhouettes and soft flowy hues. she strives for each design to have a modern feminine edge and appeal.

Painter and sculptor based in Monaco and the United States, Marcos Marin is a Brazilian artist who continues to work in a work focused on portraiture and identity. After finding his way in the optical art, he explores to infinity the possibilities of expression for twenty years.


Aleksander Gliwinski is both a designer and an artisan of exclusive jewellery. His designs are contemporary and expressive in form. The AG’s vision of the woman provides inspiration to create works which bring out the most extraordinary of feminine features – charm, sensuality and natural radiance. In his projects and ventures AG takes pleasure in going off the bitten track and greatly enjoys playing with fashion. A couple of years ago the product offer was extended by the men’s segment. The collection includes bracelets, rings, and belt buckles. AG has been a designer maker by profession for over 20 years.

Victoria Nosach is a young Ukrainian designer who created geometric and straight cut designs in intense graphic color versions. Her collections make perfect ground for bold statement jewelry. She uses a wide range of fabrics and combines them in modern clothing for women who aren’t afraid to stand out.


SILK EPOQUE Atelier has been created out of love of silk. Its owner –Olga Ziemann– had created a place of her dreams, inspired by her travels and by nature, especially by flowers. The perfectionism of her work is motivated by her passion of beautiful clothes. In private life – a loving mother and a frequent traveler, she is also devoted to fashion and music. She is a person with a big heart but also modest and very talented. At SILK EPOQUE Boutique by Olga Ziemann – you can buy unique casual and formal clothes made of silk imported from Asia and Italy and also hand-painted silken lampshades.


COLORAT. Our brand is addressed to people full of good energy. Creative, strong, having their own opinion and uncompromising. In fashion, we value the unique. We emphasize your individuality and uniqueness with the color and cut of our clothes. We create collections in limited editions, and we sign individual models. Based on the patterns and colors, we do not forget about the typefaces that we adjust to the function and their purpose. Our clothes fascinate not only with beauty, but also with comfort. We believe that fashion does not have to be boring.


Marcin Raczkowski Born on October 16,1978 in Brzeg, Poland. He finished Art History study in Wrocław and College of Art in Opole. He showed his fashion designs in Central Saint Martins in London. It will be his first visit in Milano and he will present fashion show: Ciao Bella. It will be a mix of different styles. A little bit of cabaret, Bavarian Style and classic.


Barbara Cały is a fashion designer specializing in handmade crochet dresses. She has been presenting her lace creations for over ten years. Her lines of lace wonders consist of nearly 500 pieces. She uses crochet technique and also recycled materials to create colorful gowns.

Shalini Aroraa Kochhar has embodied versatility in her diverse collections across the world. Brought up in India, she is based in Monaco and enhances all her creations through her travels and encounters with intertwined luxury lifestyles. A personification of “leave a little sparkle everywhere you go”, this collection by Shalini justifies just that and is inspired by the luxury lifestyle of Monte Carlo. SAK’s – an internationally acclaimed brand driven by experiences and the happiness mantra, presents to you ; the French Collection – Joie de Vie!


Kamila Froelke, a person full of passion, love for her precision and care for every detail. She creates beautiful gowns mixing marial style with folk elements.


LifeBloodEssence, a line by KATHY. Imagine, you fall asleep and you wake up in 2119. You don’t know where you are, you don’t know anyone. You need to find out, what home means to you. But what does home mean in our future? What will the earth look like? Will the planet protect us or is it us, who must protect?
Inspired by the literature of Jeanne Teller and the photography „earth cocoon“ by Emily Motto, the collection tells a story about discovering our future world and
nature, about changing yourself and finding a place to be…
… Because sometimes home is where you can feel the meaning of life.


Behind the label Rockmädchen stands the designer Marion Roscher. Her work can be described as timeless, individual, exciting, passionate and stylish. Her designs are for the special appearance of a woman who is supposed to enjoy the moment of glamor and thereby experience an unforgettable moment. Her collections are designed under a specific motto that aims to reach the zeitgeist of today’s woman. Love, temperament and passion are behind every new collection, which consists of individual pieces and tailor-made for their wearer.


Martin Appelt is a young German creator with an extraordinary approach to his creations. His lines are bold statements and stand out from the fashion crowd. Each collections present individual theme and consists of around 10 silhouettes for both men and women.


Collection by Zhila is a combination of various fabrics and textures, mosaic of prints, where is no place for random!
All this was created as fruit of connection between European and Asian cultures. The designer says she belongs to both, and that both cultures intertwined inside of her.
As she says : I think that inspiration is the strength which is inside of us and comes from our childhood-time when every child is a painter or a poet. We just forget about it in the bustle of life.


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